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Educators - we have a special password-protected discounted bookstore page for you to purchase books for yourself personally or for use in the classroom/library.  Click on the "Educators" button below after emailing us and requesting the password. When emailing us make sure to include your name, school name, City & state.  If you're ordering them for your classroom you can use the Purchase Order Form located on that same page. You can then fax (615-807-3999) us or scan the completed PO form and email it to We know educators purchase a lot of items for their classroom out of their own pocket so this is our small way of helping and saying thanks.


Sunflower Seeds Press is proud to create, print, and publish our books right here in the U.S.A.  Our creative team, in addition to author Ronda Friend, live and share their creative talents from right here in America.

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All of Ronda Friend's books have their Accelerated Reading, Scholastic Reading Counts,Lexile, and Book Taco ratings.


Teachers - please remember there are a lot of parents and families of your community that are thankful for your investments into the lives of their children and communities.  In some cases you did perform miracles!

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