How to Host an R. Friend Author Visit program

You will receive a Promotional Packet

Inside the packet will be resource materials to help you in planning the author visit and delegating/enlisting volunteers and fellow staff members to help you make this program a big success.  There will also be some of Ronda's books and posters to help advertise the event.  You can also download any of the resources as well should you need extra or misplace any of them.  A parent letter and order forms for the students and staff are enclosed as well.  There is a discounted form for the staff.  You will also find a Pre-author visit PO form to order any books in advance of the visit so that teachers/librarians can begin sharing Ronda's books with the students.It is imperative to read the "Getting Started" and "Checklist" resource papers when you receive the packet.  Should you have any questions please feel free to call anytime at 615-969-2740.

Check and re-check the resources in your packet

We have put together a program and a packet that makes hosting an author visit very user-friendly when it comes to your time and effort.  We would encourage you not to try to do everything yourself but get other staff members involved.  The equipment we need is minimal and the resources we've made available are for you to pick and choose the ones you'd like to implement.  We know you wear several hats so we've tried to make it simple and sensitive to your time investment. 

Invite and Promote the visit

Feel free to inform and invite parents, fellow district librarians and administrators, community leaders and media personnel to attend the author visit. 

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All of Ronda Friend's books have their Accelerated Reading, Scholastic Reading Counts,Lexile, and Book Taco ratings.


Teachers - please remember there are a lot of parents and families of your community that are thankful for your investments into the lives of their children and communities.  In some cases you did perform miracles!

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