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Inspiring character-based living using humor, history, and heart-warming stories

C.S. Lewis once said, "A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.”


With that inspiration at the heart of her mission, Nashville children's author Ronda Friend birthed her publishing company, Sunflower Seeds Press, to inspire readers of all ages to impact their culture through character-based living. Her indie publishing company has generated sales of approximately 200,000 books solely by direct marketing.


Taking her energetic blend of storytelling and entertainment to assemblies, workshops and family nights nationwide, Ronda has been welcomed in twenty-seven states so far, where she brings her books to life for the students of over two-thousand schools.


Ronda’s family series, Down On Friendly Acres, centers on her life growing up in the 1950s and ’60s.  Best described as “Little House on the Prairie meets Green Acres,” this series appeals to all generations — children, teenagers, parents, and grandparents.  Heartwarming, historical, and hilariously funny, the books contain original songs, recipes, poems, true-to-life cliffhangers, hidden sunflowers, and more. Each book highlights a different seed of character: forgiveness, patience, kindness, perseverance, honesty, trustworthiness.


In addition, a line of picture books designed for two levels of readers is her newest innovation. A split-page layout permits text for both older readers, and, below, a pre-reader’s rhymed, simplified version of the story. The moral of P.U.: You Stink is, “The family that stinks together — sticks together!” Second in the set, Pass Love Along is a tribute to all the unsung heroes — medical professionals, patients and parents — who day after day face health obstacles and challenges with great courage and commitment.


Residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Ronda and her husband Bill launched a children’s foundation in 2012. Friend2Friend Book Project reaches out to children battling medical challenges by distributing her character-based, family-friendly books that ignite laughter, inspire courage, and unite families. Partnering with schools and children’s hospitals, they “Deliver Pages of Smiles to Courageous Kids” sharing hope and encouragement to thousands of brave little warriors through their Sunshine Baskets. They continue to partner with individuals, small business owners and corporate donors like their hometown NHL team, the Nashville Predators. You can read more information about their foundation at


Prior to launching her publishing company and foundation, Ronda spent her life working with kids as an educator, professional storyteller with Scholastic Books, and conference speaker.  When she’s not writing books or music, Ronda loves hiking, snow skiing, camping, and gardening.  There are many things in this world to be grateful for, but Ronda sums it all up with the three F’s — family, faith, and friends.



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All of Ronda Friend's books have their Accelerated Reading, Scholastic Reading Counts,Lexile, and Book Taco ratings.


Teachers - please remember there are a lot of parents and families of your community that are thankful for your investments into the lives of their children and communities.  In some cases you did perform miracles!

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