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All of Ronda Friend's books have their Accelerated Reading, Scholastic Reading Counts and Lexile ratings. 

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Teachers - please remember there are a lot of parents and citizens of your community that are thankful for your investments into the lives of their children.  In some cases you did perform miracles!


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Down On Friendly Acres series

R. Friend - Swallows Her Pride (Forgiveness)

R. Friend - Time Out At Home (Patience)

R. Friend - Hats Off To Heroes (Kindness)

R. Friend - Panic In The Pigpen (Perseverance)

R. Friend - Woolly Bad Lies (Honesty)

R. Friend - Scared Silly Secret

Wild & Wacky Animal Tales series

P.U. You Stink (Teamwork)

a Special book for special kids and their families...

Commissioned by one of our Charitable Foundation's partnering Children's Hospitals, Pass Love Along is the true story of 5 year old Caroline and her battle to conquer her medical challenge as PJ the Panda leads her on her #Journey2Healing.  Many parents are purchasing the book for their child who has a little friend courageously battling their life-threatening illness. 

Five-year-old Caroline and her family are unexpectedly faced with a medical challenge that will change their world forever. PJ the Panda, surrounded by "sweet peas," is just what the doctor ordered.  As they provide a place of confidence, trust and hope for their pint-sized princelings at PJ's palace, the continual thread is borne out: "Love brings hope; love stands strong.  Hold onto love - pass love along!"

This dual-reader picture book is two books in one.  On each page the top section is in prose for ages 6-11.  The bottom section is in poetry for ages 2-5.  There's more than one way to read this book! 

The story line of Pass Love Along shares hope and encouragement with our littlest warriors battling tough medical challenges. It also gives a grateful tribute to the #HeroesThatHeal (the "Sweet Peas") - a.k.a. the medical teams and hospital staffs in countless Children's Hospitals that combine their expertise, experience and compassion to provide the very best healing environments for every little warrior and their families. 

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