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Ronda Friend is not just a children’s author – R. Friend is a master storyteller, musician, singer, songwriter and a motivational speaker. Making memorable, magical moments in over 2,000 schools across the United States, Ronda engages the whole school using character messages, storytelling, music, puppets, sign language and audience participation. Combined with being a professional storyteller for Scholastic Books for nine years, Ronda has presented her humorous, heartwarming program to over one million children in thirty-four states.

R. Friend is the founder of Sunflower Seeds Press, whose mission is reaching children’s hearts and minds by sowing seeds of a different kind. Sunflower Seeds Press books are like the children that read them - ". . . extraordinary, simply put one-of-a-kind, remarkable, exceptional, fantastic through and through, precious, cherished and unique . . . so good for you."

Ronda's heart’s desire is for children to fall in love with reading, writing & the fine arts. R. Friend (her real name) has worked for over forty years with children, produced and directed dozens of children’s musicals and now writes a beloved chapter series, Down on Friendly Acres, about her life growing up on Friendly Acres in Ohio in the 60s. Woven into her true tall tales, playful poetry, catchy lyrics and melodic melodies are valuable life lessons on forgiveness, patience, kindness, perseverance, honesty and trustworthiness. Enjoyed by children, educators, parents and grandparents alike this series has best been described as Little House on the Prairie meets Green Acres with over 200,000 copies having been sold.

Ronda holds a B.A. Degree in education and a minor in music. She lives in Franklin, Tennessee, and is very happily married to her best friend, Bill, founder of Friend2Friend Book Project. They are blessed with two grown children, their son, Jeremy (his wife, Joy, along with granddaughter, Eva Jean) and their daughter, Stephanie. There are many things in this world to be grateful for, but Ronda sums it up with the three F's - family, faith, and friends.

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All of Ronda Friend's books have their Accelerated Reading, Scholastic Reading Counts and Lexile ratings. 


Teachers - please remember there are a lot of parents and families of your community that are thankful for your investments into the lives of their children and communities.  In some cases you did perform miracles!